5 Telltale Signs Your Soul Mate Is Next Door

2 minutes ago | Love & Relationships 5 Telltale Signs Your Soul Mate Is Next Door By Catherine Forson Agbo

There's no feeling is overwhelming and seducing than meeting the ONE. Regardless of whether you have confidence in the idea of a soulmate or not, most would agree there are a few people who influence you so strongly they blow your mind. It's a staggering feeling that you can't shake. Meeting the special person you were intended to be can totally inundate you.

Here are a few signs to show that you have definitely met the ONE.

1. You feel powerless around the person
Being totally open and real with someone can be unnerving. There’s this immense soul peace you find lingering in your heart anytime you meet with this person. If you find yourself whom you easily open up about your fears, your expectations, and your deepest secrets, then it's a good sign you are connecting on a deeper level. You have definitely met you love match.

2. There is this strong attraction you just can’t resist

Well.. well. well. This is interesting as every little thing about his special person got you pregnant with butterflies in your stomach. In terms of attraction, here, I’m referring to a physical one coupled with an enthusiastic fascination for the person. Of course, you might one way or the other ravish each other but you will feel this passion running through your veins. Its as if you can just melt into each other's arms. It is a beautiful feeling of connecting the body, soul, and mind with this person. Then you have found your soul mate.

3. Most essentially, you find yourself laughing easily around the person

We all know the popular saying laughter is key to a healthy relationship. You must surely find yourself laughing easily and quite often around this person. Something isn’t right if you feel tenses and awkward around each other. Love doesn’t bring fear. Love is free and full of life, so it must be followed by immense joy and happiness exhibited through laughter. The right relationship with that soulmate should bring you home every day. It should make you smile once you see their calls coming through even in your worst of days. That’s what I’m talking about.

4. You have an instinctive response
When you’re around the person you were meant to be with, the deepest part of you respond positively. The chemistry is undeniable evidence and every muscle and veins in your body respond in an understanding of each other. It’s more than just a passing inclination; it's a physical response that you can't control. When you're around one another, your body can't resist the urge to react naturally. You feel safe and loved. No doubt linger in your mind and heart about this person. Even in each other's imperfections, you find completeness.

5. You make each other complete
Even if you try, you can't envision what your life would resemble without this individual. The possibility of being separated is physically excruciating. You want to get to know each other and dread leaving each other for a long period of absence. You make each other complete in every sense and you see yourself doing almost everything together just to please each other. Nothing can come between you both. Love is just in the air for you two.

Well, all said and done, these are subtle telltales you have to look out for in determining if you have met your soulmate yet. It is important that you respect each other as it is very key in the sustenance of this love business. Life is short, so learn to appreciate what you have and make the best out of it.

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