Etiquette For The “I Am Sorry” Lady

3 minutes ago | Lifestyle Etiquette For The “I Am Sorry” Lady By Catherine Forson Agbo

Being a woman isn't only a title, it’s about kindness, manners, and courtesy. Most people claim to be ladies when they are really girls. When does or should a full-grown lady say "I am sorry". These three words are calming words, especially in a warmed contention. Indeed, even the good Book says a delicate tongue dismiss fury. Saying sorry is accompanied by an honest courtesy. You don't simply say sorry for saying purposes, you need to mean each word and demonstrate you regret your mistakes. In spite of the fact that a woman dependably attempts to be kind of others, she is likewise human and occasionally commits errors. When that occurs, a woman perceives her inadequacies and quickly set out to address her wrongdoings.

Here is how a lady says "I 'm sorry" with manners

  • She looks the person in the eyes, well, except it is said on the phone” and says these three amazing words specifically and to the point. Maintain an eye to eye connection with the offendee. This shows how sorry and how legit you are in what you are saying. For example, if you have had a mishap, such as spilling a glass of wine on your in-law’s purse at a wedding, she may have to look her in the eyes say, “aww mum, I’m so sorry for spilling the wine on your purse”. You say this while trying to wipe the stain off
  • In a circumstance where you are in a crowded room or in an important meeting, a woman pardons herself going to receive a call. In the event that she misses the call, she endeavors to return the missed call when she is less busy
  • Moving in a crowd is something we regularly find ourselves like at parties and get together, a woman utilizes the expression "pardon me or excuse me", as she is moving through a swarmed room, she just says "I'm sorry" when an apology is in order. Presumably ventures on somebody’s shoes accidentally.
  • When a woman makes a statement of regret, she implies it, she says, she is sorry and understands that her apology does not minimize her misstep. However, try not to bring it up over and over. In the meantime, a woman never offers a deceptive statement of regret, especially if she has done nothing wrong. Figure out how to assume the responsibility for your actions by saying “I’m sorry”.

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