Woman Deserve A Seat At The Table

2 minutes ago | Career & Money Woman Deserve A Seat At The Table By Akosua Tuntum Nahana

Upon reflection on International Women's day I wondered what could happen if women believed they deserved a seat at the table.

If women felt they were talented enough to occupy the spaces they wanted.

What could happen if women did not beg to be in their positions ? But believed employers would be lucky to have them in their businesses. That employers should be the ones convincing them to work for them, not the other way round.

I wonder how different the world for women would be if women truly believed in their abilities. That anyone who did not recognise our brilliance was at a lost. Maybe women would view their job searches, status in the workplace and their chances of phenomenal success differently. They would believe their an asset and demand great respect, jobs, promotions, fairness and excel.

Of course this thinking must come with the idea that one must be excellent in their field, so that they are irreplaceable and high in demand. Then no employer can hold them hostage, they can always leave their job and find a job in the same field, or a different field that their experience qualifies them for. Once a woman is spectacular at her job ( all people not just women should strive to be) she can negotiate better deals.

Woman believe you are an asset; you are brilliant, talented and indispensable. Let that show in your job applications, at your work place and in your fight to build the career and life you desire. You deserve to have the life you want with your skills. You don't have to beg to be acknowledged.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana Akosua Tuntum Nahana News Contributor

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